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MOT repairs

Welding in new steel is the only effective solution to rust and corrosion. Severe corrosion poses a threat to the structural integrity of your vehicle. Vehicles that have failed an MOT test in areas such as seat belts, suspension and steering components will require welding in order to pass.  I have all the necessary equipment to undertake high quality vehicle repair work. 

Patch repairs

The best way to weld sheet metal panels together is by butt-welding, which is joining them side-by-side. Butt-welded panels withstand stress better than any other type of weld joint. This type of welding is the preferred choice for seamless panel and patch repairs.

TIG welding

TIG welding can be used to weld steel, stainless steel, chromoly, aluminium, nickel alloys, magnesium, copper, brass, bronze, and even gold. I have the experience and equipment to handle these more challenging projects.

Complete restorations

Planning a large project, need an experienced welder? I can work with you at your home to help you complete your project. I can complete all the work at once, or as the project or budget necessitates.

Fully mobile

By its very nature, most customer projects are not easily moved. Whether it’s a MOT failure, project car without an engine or even a driveway gate, it’s easier if I come to you. I have all the tools and equipment to effectively complete your project on site to a very high standard.

Workshop facilities

For the more difficult or specialist work I have my own fully equipped workshop available. To make using this option as easy as possible, I also offer a reasonably priced collection and delivery service. Depending on your location, this may even be free of charge.

Classic car.jpg
Classic cars

The classic car owner requires high quality welding and fabrication. Quite often the vehicle is their pride and joy and deserves to be worked on by someone who appreciates it just as much. I take great pride in my work and enjoy working on your classic with you. Not all panels are available anymore, so the ability to fabricate and work around problems is something I relish.

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